Friday, April 17, 2009


well im trying to make up my mind for the next addition, and i think i have narrowed it down.

let me know what you think, one is the Colombian red tail boa

or its the Colombian rainbow boa


Anwen said...

I may be old, but you're only 3 1/2 years behind me! I like the third picture from the top. It has an interesting pattern. You have room for another reptile??!

Amber <3 said...

I think you should give me the money :)

I love you

GrammieC said...

Maybe you could buy Mother's day presents with the money. (not snakes)

jimmy said...

sorry the ladies are out of luck its a credit for a live animal..... no cash im also leaning on the 3rd one i think thanks for the input oh and my motto is i always have room!!!!!!!

Anwen said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! I love you!!!!! See you tonight.